Gmail vs. HMTL Validator in Firefox

I’ve been having problems this past week with Firefox freezing up when I’m using Gmail. Fortunately I found the cure today: If you’re using the HTML Validator extension (and if you’re not, you should be!) right-click on its icon in the status bar, select “Disable for” on the pop-up window, modify the address to say just “,” click on the “Block” button, and it should populate the large listarea  beneath it. Click “Close” and you’re done! (Solution found at Gmail Help Discussion group.)

1 thought on “Gmail vs. HMTL Validator in Firefox”

  1. I’m surprised they don’t warn about HTML Validator like they do with Firebug. If you use Firebug, you’ll get an ugly red box all the time warning you that Firebug makes Gmail slow.

    I solved all the problems by going back to the basic HTML version.

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