Update on Safari 3

On some Windows computers, Safari 3 passes Acid2 with flying colors. On others it gives the orange blindfold. Interesting, since those differing results can be seen on the same operating system, Windows XP, SP2. Who cares about badly rendering a test image, though? Firefox still doesn’t pass Acid2, but it renders pages properly. I’m more concerned about things like http://marinewebservices.com/products.php written with good HTML, CSS and Javascript, but Safari (and only Safari) breaks the page if you click the button on the bottom.

Earth to Apple: you’ve got some work to do.

2 thoughts on “Update on Safari 3”

  1. Ick, I guess I haven’t even considered Safari for Windows more than a play browser so far, so I haven’t even thought to see how it works on my sites.

    That MWS site is pretty classy. I like how the footer nav stays on top of all the content in Sarafi :).

    Good luck.

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