Chrome is shiny!

Since downloading Chrome two days ago, I’ve had the chance both to work and play with it, and I must say I’m tremendously impressed. Initial reactions: Chrome is fast. Very fast. The difference is especially noticeable on high-bandwidth connections. (On my DSL connection at home, it’s fast, but not breathtakingly so.) Chrome uses multi-threaded rendering …

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Password security

I’ve been thinking about password security recently. Like many people I generally use one “strong” password for most of my access in cyberspace. The memorable strong password idea is definitely an improvement over the oldskool practice of changing a password every several weeks, which invariably led people to write down their passwords, making security as …

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Eye candy is pretty, by definition. But too much is too much, and AT&T’s new browser, Pogo seems to suffer from the vast amount of resources demanded by its attempt to make the most mundane Web tasks (finding a bookmark, for instance) a breath-taking overdose of eye-catching beauty. Here’s Ars Technica’s review of Pogo. It’s …

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CSS Naked Day!

In honor of CSS Naked Day, styles have temporarily been disabled. They’ll return tomorrow, April 10th, in the meantime, give a moment’s thought to how much CSS adds to the web.

Regex help

An excellent tool for regex testing is Regex Coach by Edi Weitz in Germany.  It’s makes one of the most painful coding tasks a lot less odios, thanks to real-time color-coded highlighting of matches, and a simple, intuitive interface. It’s only limitations that I’ve discovered are in character support; strangely, considering its European origins, it …

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Dirty Tricks?

I don’t hate Microsoft, per se. But I do hate dirty tricks, no matter who’s doing them. And this is what I found as an ad at the XML Files today: “Linux Reference Center” linking to anti-Linux pages on You-Know-Who’s website. Some of the rotating ads there use another image that says “Linus Reference Center, …

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